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Damp Investigation

Damp and water penetration - along with related problems such as dry rot, mould, condensation and rising damp can result in the long term structural deterioration of a property, and is the single most common cause of housing disrepair.

The associated health risks from long term exposure to damp and mould have given rise to a huge influx of personal injury claims in UK litigation, for which I regularly provide evidence in my Expert Witness services.

Residential homeowners concerned about possible water ingress also use my services to identify the cause(s) of damp at their property and provide guidance on remedial measures to prevent it and make good any damage caused.

My damp investigation may involve the use of a Calcium Carbide meter and salts analysis testing, thermal camera imaging, and in some cases the services of a sub-contractor such as a drain or aerial roof photographer to establish the cause or extent of a damp problem.

If you would like to discuss how I can help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

damp Investigations
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